We protect motorcycles from falls and collisions

In 2008 we established our production brand of accessories related to the protection of motorcycles against random events. Currently, CSP branded Crash Pads secure thousands of road and track motorcycles and their respective users from harm.

Our trademark is reflective stickers, which make motorcyclists more visible on the road. CSP Crash Pads are easy to install. They were designed to reduce the after-crash damage to the maximum. These features make CSP Crash Pads perfectly fit into the expectations of every motorcyclist, including yours.

We are motorcycle riders and enthusiasts

We understand very well how important protecting the motorcycle is, that's why we test our own products and use them every day. We know that, when unexpected road accidents occur, the force of impact is transfered directly to them. CSP Crash Pads effectively protect the most crucial parts of a motorcycle – from engine and frame to brake discs, callipers and swingarm.

Aesthetics and reliability achieved with advanced technology

For the making of our products, we use high-quality materials. During the proccess we apply the newest technologies of milling and CNC turning, as well as laser burning. We manufacture our products solely in Poland. Our crash pads are highly endorsed by motorcyclists, yet we do not slow down, as we continuosly implement new and innovative solutions, that allow to reduce the damage and losses caused by falls even more efficiently.

Setup and support

Who knows more about the product, than the manufacturer himself? We will willingly share our knowledge with you. We will answer all questions regarding crash pads and motorcycle protection. We will clearly explain the technical issues and will advise you in choosing the right products. We will also help you in their setup.